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Rev. Pam'la Cowan, our Pastor, grew up in Missouri.  She attended Seminary at McCormick Theological Seminary and has served churches in Illinois, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.
She is currently serving on the Congregational Development Team with Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery and is a commissioner to the Synod of Mid-America.
She is now serving the Son Light Parish, a partnership of three churches:  here, in Ironton; in Fredericktown; and in Park Hills.
The Son Light Parish hopes to, in this new partnership, better serve three communities here in South East Missouri!
The Pastor works with the Arcadia Ministerial Alliance and the local food pantry here in Ironton.
Our Church Secretary is in on Wednesday afternoons and is much more than a secretary - she is a member of our church.
Our Church Musician is a wonderful asset to our Worship services here in Ironton - and has a lovely singing voice as well.  (She's also a proud grandparent to Noah!)


Meet Pastor Reverend Pam'la Cowan. Pastor Pam'la, recently returned to our area, having served a church on the East Coast, near Philadelphia.  She is filling our pulpit, moderating our Session, and providing emergency care for our members.  Her dedication to her faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from. Pastor Pam'la brings some unique gifts to our ministry here at Ironton: her love of youth, Christian Clowning, and a love of music.  .


Meet Our Music Leader

Meet Virginia.  She's our other gifted musician, bringing
her own special light and energy to our musical program here
at First Ironton Presbyterian Church.  She's also a wonderful
grandmother - just ask Noah! 

Worship with us through Music.


Betty Jo is the secretary for the church. She is a member of our church and is a vital part of the Presbyterian Women and their ministry.  Betty Jo always has a smile on her face, and plays a vital role in our daily activities.  She prepares the Worship Programs for Sunday, puts out the St. Francis Currents Newsletter, helps us keep track of all our calendar events - and more!  Her energy and her faith are contagious as she involves herself in helping others, being a part of the Presbyterian Women, and helping to organize rummage sales.


Beth is a member, Elder, and Choir Director!  She brings her voice, her passion, and her commitment to mission with her as she sings, leads the choir, works with our music leaders, and reaches out to others in word - and deed! 

Feel free to come by and meet us!

PC(U.S.A.) * Knob & Reynold Streets
Ironton, MO  63650 * 573-546-2044

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