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Worship and Witness

Worship and Witness
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Please join us for Worship
on Sunday Mornings at 9:00 a.m.
It is a time to:
  • Rest and Reflect
  • Talk with God
  • Walk with Jesus
  • Sing
  • Hear God's Word
  • Be with People who care about you


Lorraine's just one of many people who cares about you.  She's our Greeter and will welcome you every Sunday morning with a warm smile, a welcoming word, and a bit of news about ongoing life in Ironton!


Feeding your soul is as important as feeding your body...
Here at First Ironton Church we are blessed to provide both:
Food for your Spirit & Food for your Body!
Whether we are gathering around the communion table or
the fellowship table, know that you will find great food here!


Inside, you can find a place to Worship
and meet people just like you!


Come, Break Bread with Us...

If you like to sing, please feel free to join our Choir.
We have two gifted Music Leaders - and can always
use another alto, tenor, bass, or soprano!

Check our calendar page for listings of events.

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